Vyacheslav Menzelintsev (Flashev)
Photographer | Videographer

My Story

My name is Vyacheslav Flashev. I live in Moscow, and graduated from Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman (BMSTU n.a. Bauman) with Higher Engineering Education degree.

Four years I worked as Manufacturing Engineer, but with this work and manufacturing projects also came realization that, the bigger work, the more constraints you face. In other words, the more complex the work provided, the less you can use your imagination and creativity.

This is moment when photography became my creative outlet where I could experiment and be creative without any restrictions or guidelines, simply for the sake of creativity. Photography became my artistically liberating hobby.


The Goal

My goal is to help you solve problems in the photo or video tasks with the shortest possible time, to enjoy the process of shooting, and show the customer that discarding all unnecessary, and focus only on the basic details of the process, shooting will be simple and fun.